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Archive for Sample Workouts – Kettlebell

2/7/10 Workout – Kettlebell

Alternate between Workouts A (25 pound kettlebell) and B (15 pound kettlebell).

Workout A:
1. One Arm Snatches
2. One Arm Swing
3. One Leg Stiff Deadlift
4. Two Arm Swing
5. Squat/Standing Row
6. Figure 8

Workout B:
1. One Arm Swing Out
2. One Arm Push Press
3. One Arm Swing In
4. Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks
5. Kettleball Chop
6. Oblique (Elbow to Knee) Crunches


1/28/10 Workout – Kettlebell/Cardio

45 Minutes of cardio on the eliptical/Kettlebell

1. One Arm Swing
2. One Leg Stiff Deadlift
3. One Arm Snatches
4. Two Arm Swing
5. One Arm Push Press
6. Squat/Standing Row
7. Bicep Kettlebell Suitcase (Curls)

1/25/10 Workout – Kettlebell

Alternate between Workouts A and B.

Workout A:
One Arm Swing
One Leg Stiff Deadlift
Around the World (Clockwise)
Around the World (Counter-clockwise)
One Arm Snatches

Squat/Standing Row

Workout B:
Lying Side Crunches – Ball/Floor
One Arm Push Press
Bicep Kettlebell Suitcase (Curls)
Figure 8
Long Arm Crunches – Dumb
Tricep Overhead Dumbbell Extension

1/19/10 Workout – Kettlebell

Completed in sets and seperated by 5-7 minutes of cardio:

1. One Arm Swing
2. Squat/Standing Row
3. Around the World (Clockwise)

4. One Leg Stiff Deadlift
5. Two Arm Swing
6. Around the World (Counter-clockwise)

7. One Arm Snatches
8. One Arm Swing Out

9. One Arm Push Press
10. One Arm Swing In

11. Two Arm Swing
12. Kettlebell Chop