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Archive for Wrists/Forearms – 3 Exercises

Seated Barbell Wrist Extensions

1) Sit on the edge of a bench and grasp a barbell with a closed pronated grip at a width of roughly 8 to 12 inches.

2) Position the feet and legs parallel to each other with the toes pointing straight ahead.

3) Lean forward placing the forearms and elbows on the thighs.

4) Move the wrists forward until they extend just beyond the knee cap.

5) Allow the wrists to flex towards the floor.

6) Allow the wrists to slowly flex back to the starting position.

7) Repeat or finish set.


Internal Dumbbell Wrist Rotation

1. Lie on a bench or bed on same side of working arm.

2. Grasp a dumbbell and flex elbow at 90 degrees keeping elbow in at side.

3. Your forearm should start slightly below parallel to floor.

4. Rotate arm upward keeping elbow at 90 degrees.

5. Return to start position.

6. Remember to keep elbow firmly secured to side. You may put a rolled towel between the elbow and side to facilitate rotation and secure form.

Standing Barbell Wrist Curls Behind Back

1) Grab a barbell from behind you by reaching your arms back and using a underhand grip.

2) Have your arms hang with barbell behind you and the bar resting in your fingers.

3) Curl the bar up by flexing your wrists as high as you can.

4) Reverse the movement to lower the bar to repeat.