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Long Pulley Row on Bowflex or Similar Weight-Lifting Machine

1 – This exercise is usually performed with a handle that gives you a narrow parallel grip (with palms facing each other).

2 – Grasp the handle, place your feet against the restraining bar near the floor pulley and sit down on the machine’s bench.

3 – Bend your legs about ten degrees throughout the movement in order to remove harmful stress from your lower back.

4 – Fully straighten your arms and lean forward at the waist until your torso is almost touching your thighs, a position that will fully stretch your lats.

5 – Simultaneously sit erect (but avoid sitting back) and pull the handle in towards your body to touch your upper abdomen just beneath your rib cage.

6 – As you pull the handle, be sure to keep your elbows in close to your sides.

7 – At the finish position of the movement, it’s essential that you arch your back in order to completely contract your lats.

8 – Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement for the correct number of reps.


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