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One Arm Snatch

1. Hold a medium-heavy kettlebell in the right hand, feet hip-width apart, with the arm straight.

2. Lower into a squat with the torso upright and the abs braced.

3. Thrust the hips up as you come up, pulling the kettlebell straight up.

4. Rotate the elbow down as you pull the kettlebell up, catching it at shoulder height.

5. Absorb the weight of the kettlebell and the movement by squatting slightly, keeping the wrist neutral.

6. Press the kettlebell over your head, straightening your arm as you do.

7. Lower the weight and repeat for 8-16 reps before switching sides.



  Renee wrote @

I think one of these guys need to be on the around the world. These guys are cool. How’d ya create them?

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